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January 03 2016


A How-To Guide To Caring For Gutters

Your home probably has gutters installed, but do you know why they're valuable? They're used to help funnel water away from your home and work to prevent water erosion caused by heavy storms and rains. However, they're not totally maintenance-free. Regular maintenance and inspections, including cleaning, can help keep the system in great working order to reduce the chance that you'll need a full gutter replacement down the road. Learn how to clean your system for best results.

Clean Gutters Twice A Year

Your gutters should be inspected and cleaned twice a year. Some homeowners choose to hire a gutter repair company to do this work, however, it's simple enough to do it yourself. Without an inspection, you'd never know if there was a clog that was keeping water from running freely through the system. A clog can be caused by bird feathers, leaves and even pine needles.

The extra weight from stagnant water can cause damage that requires gutter repair or replacement, while the water itself can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Additionally, it will flow over the side, rather than through the system, which could cause pooling and erosion problems. If rain has pooled at your home's foundation, it can cause foundation problems or allow water to seep into your basement.

How To Do This Job

You may be ready to clean the system, but it's best to wait until just after a storm or rain has ended. This ensures that everything is loosened and will make the job easier. You'll need a sturdy ladder and a good pair of shoes. Shoes like sandals, flip flops or even bare feet can make it easier to slip off the ladder.

Wearing a pair of gloves, pull out any clumps of twigs and leaves. As you do this, mark any spots that appear to leak or sag so that you can fix them later. Some clogs may have formed in the downspout, which makes them difficult to reach. To help with this, spray water up the downspout to help dislodge it. If it doesn't work, use a plumping snake. Once the clogs are gone, you can go back and perform gutter repair on the spots that you marked previously.

What If You Can't Do Gutter Repair Yourself?

Sometimes sagging gutters will leak and if this is the case, you can probably simply bend the hanger so that it is straight. If this gutter repair isn't enough or you have rusted spots or leaks, you may want to contact a gutter replacement company for help. They'll be able to professionally install your gutters so that you can be sure to have a working system the next time it rains. Additionally, they'll be able to tell you whether a leaf guard system is right for your home, as well as recommend a system that will keep your gutters in great working condition.

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Do Leaf Guards Make Sense For Your Gutters?

Your house probably has gutters installed and you likely know that they're used to help funnel water off the roof and into a predetermined path. But do you understand why this is?

Water can be incredibly corrosive -- just one look at the Grand Canyon and you can understand just how much water can destroy a land mass. Keeping your landscaping protected from erosion is just one reason why homes have gutters. When they're working correctly, they keep rain from settling just outside your home's foundation. However, when there's a clog and rain can't freely flow through the system, you could have a problem with sitting, stagnant water. When it sits for a long time, it can eventually seep in through your home's foundation and into your basement.

What Do Leaf Guards Do?

Leaf guards do exactly what you would expect -- they keep twigs, leaves and other small pieces of debris from clogging up the gutters. The next time you see your neighbor up on a ladder, scooping out handfuls of decaying matter, realize that it's mostly leaves he's scooping out. These leaves can eventually cause a clog, which then causes water problems. This is why many homeowners choose to install leaf guards when their home needs gutter replacement or gutter repair, especially if they live in an area with a lot of large trees.

Types Of Leaf Guards

There are two types of guards, sloped and mesh systems. The sloped system has a hood that covers the gutters with a small opening. This opening allows rain to run through, but it is too small to allow in sticks and leaves. The mesh system has a strainer installed directly on top of the opening. The holes in the strainer keep out any debris. Mesh is decidedly more popular than the sloped hoods, mostly because it can handle heavy rains. The sloped styles can quickly become overwhelmed and rainwater will just run over the side instead of being funneled down.

Why Install Guards During A Gutter Repair Or Gutter Replacement?

Leaf guards can be installed at any time, but many people choose to have them installed when they're already working on their gutters, either during a gutter repair or a gutter replacement. Doing this at the same time means that your gutter repair company will be able to do the work for you, saving you from having to spend hours up on a ladder.

Another major reason to have a gutter replacement company complete this job is that they'll be able to ensure that it's done right. If the slope is off, you could have problems with water coming into your home or causing erosion problems during heavy rains.

Water may be necessary but that doesn't mean you want to have it in your house! If your home doesn't have gutters, talk to a gutter replacement company about having them installed on your home. But if you do have them and you hate the thought of spending your precious weekend time cleaning them out, consider adding a leaf guard system and buy yourself some extra free time!

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When You Should Not Repair Your Guttering System

Cleaning and maintaining gutters can be hard work, although many people can do it themselves. However, make no mistake: cleaning and maintaining gutters is essential to extending the lives of buildings and houses. Cleaning gutters will ensure that waste is removed from where it can clog gutters, or where it can contribute to wood or roof rot. Gutter maintenance also makes sure that you have nothing in a gutter that is too dry and that can catch on fire, and therefore burn your place down. Cleaning and maintaining gutters can be something that you can do yourself, but there are cases where you really have to leave the cleaning and maintenance to the experts.

If you are repairing or cleaning out only a small portion of your guttering system, and if you don't live in a house that has a dangerously sloping roof, or that is not too high, then you may safely assume that you can do the job yourself. You will need a ladder, and at least one other person around to make sure that you do your work safely. Your work may include resealing your gutter, repairing your guttering system's pipes, or even repairing parts of the roof that might have rotted because of organic matter that accumulated in the gutter.

However, if you live in a house with a dangerously sloping roof, and if the weather is not amenable to working on your gutter, you will need professional help. First, the experts will have the appropriate tools, such as more stable ladders, protective clothing, and the right tools to deal with gutter maintenance. These experts will also have insurance for their work.

Is your gutter old, or made up of materials that are not readily available in your area? Instead of driving out of town to look for materials to patch up your gutter, or worse, attempting to patch it up with substitute materials that are not the same quality as the original, look for an expert to help you patch it up. This way, you do not have to worry about your gutter falling apart because you did not have the right materials to keep it upright and hole-free.

Moreover, doing gutter cleaning and maintenance yourself is not easy, much less quick. By the time you get all your tools together, have your ladder in place, and then get everything cleaned, you would have only a few hours left in a day to actually do the repairs. There might also be some surprise repairs that you need to do, especially since you can never anticipate how many repairs you need to do.

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Rain Gutter Installation and Repair For Your Protection

Singing your own praises with proper gutter system installation is only half the battle. It can be a daunting task for you, yet it is a great way of protecting your investment, your house and your family.

Gutters will catch the rainfall and divert it to another location. The downspout depends on the homeowner's choice. It is normally located on the corner of the house. A homeowner may need someone to map the parts where a gutter is necessary. It is important to have a perfect allocation of slopes to avoid leaks and uncertain instances. This is your gutter.

Risky and dirty house chores include rain gutter responsibilities. We are allowed to clean up the gutters and spend all the resources looking at the dirty spots and trying to clean it up. Taking any risks in uncontrolled set up may cause things unlikely to happen. But how was everything behind what we don't see? Cleaning and preservation of your gutters is vital for water diversion. It may be considered dirty work however, in order to avoid stagnant water and clogged channels, consider gutter repair. There are skilled individuals who know how to provide the best cure for your gutter issues.

Even the smallest part of your guttering that obtains rust should be replaced. Definitely, this would cause leaking of water. Small rust for instance can cause damage to your foundation over a period of time depending on the durability of the material. Sometimes, you may be fed up with all your worries about your gutters but you try to disregard the situation since you are still moving well around the house. The main key point is a small problem with your gutters can eventually lead to a big problem.

There are varieties of materials that you can choose from to avoid clogging or leaking for the second time. It includes zinc gutters, stainless steel gutters, paint grip galvanized gutters, painted seamless aluminum gutters, copper gutters, cast iron, lead, stone, wood and PVC. A wide selection of gutter parts and gutter accessories that fit your roofing style are available.

Moisture is normally known as a risk against the durability and performance of any residence. It causes mold and poor indoor air quality which is infact a health hazard. Through seamless gutters, all homeowners can prevent significant damage to their home. Moreover, it can adjoin an art, beauty and value to every residential home's curb appeal.

Seamless rain gutters, according to research, is said to be the most common gutter installed throughout the state. It provides excellent results for nearly all consumers who have them installed.

Gutter installation is a necessity in today's world. Any building constructed requires gutter installation to avoid common damage such as mold, soil erosion and leaking, because fixing these problems would cost more then installing gutters. Though it may seem unnecessary, it is never be a wrong decision since security and cleanliness is always beyond its side. Moreover, it helps most building owners or homeowners to beautify the physical appearance of their investments.


Why You Need To Properly Maintain Your Gutters

As homeowners, we need to take care of our homes and learn to do simple repair and maintenance works. However, because of our busy work schedules and overall busy environment, our inner handyman can't find the time to maintain some parts of the house. Without maintenance and occasional repair, many parts of our home fail to operate properly - this includes our gutters. Eventually, some parts of our house will fail but we can lessen the damage by doing regular and routine maintenance. This would also save us money as well.

Most homeowners don't know how important it is to properly maintain home gutters. What most of them think is that it only serves as water drainage system for the roof. I will tell you that it isn't. It's actually an integral part of the house. Leaky or damaged gutters will cost you a lot of money in expensive repairs if they are not fixed properly.

Here are the main functions of the gutter system:

• Protects the roof
• Protects exterior walls, windows and doors
• Protects the landscape
• Protects foundation from water damage
• Prevents water accumulation in the basement

Basically, it is very critical to take care of your gutter properly. Keeping your gutters in top condition at all times is a good decision as it will protect the overall integrity of your home.

Obviously, gutter systems are prone to wear and tear, just like any parts of your house - even more so as they are exposed to extreme weather and other outside damage. When you feel like your gutter system is failing, a quick call to a gutter repair company should help you diagnose the problem. One of the most obvious signs of gutter failure is water leakage on the wall. If you notice seeping of water on your walls, you most likely have a damaged gutter. Failure to quickly fix this will result in overall decrease in foundation strength and integrity.

Here are some tips to ensure your gutter system is in top working condition:

1. Look under your gutters to check if there are any cracks, leaks, blockages or broken brackets. Make sure that all pipes and brackets are placed correctly to maximize water drainage capacity.

2. Get a gutter guard to prevent your gutters from being clogged easily. Make sure to do regular checkup as well since gutter guards will only block bigger size debris. Regular cleanups are still needed with gutter guard, just not as frequently.

3. Ask a professional company to do yearly or seasonal gutter maintenance for you. Ask advice on how to properly maintain your gutters or ask about roofing advice in general. A checkup is also recommended as they can spot gutter damage easily.

4. Make sure that all downpipes are free from blockages and any debris to ensure that water flows freely. Don't forget to check the ground drains and gullies for any blockages as well.

Having a busy schedule does not excuse us from the responsibility of maintaining our gutter system. A quick checkup of the gutter system every once in a while is all it takes to ensure top working condition of the gutters. However, if you are too busy working, you can easily hire someone or some company to do the maintenance for you. It is a quick and easy way to ensure that your gutter system is working perfectly all year-round.

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